The 10 best natural pools in Tenerife

The coast of the island is dotted with lots of natural pools, nooks and crannies where water enters the irregular shapes of volcanic rocks.

  1. Charco del Viento

On the coast of the northern municipality of La Guancha hides this large puddle ideal for bathing, as long as the sea is in good condition.

  1. The Tancon

The Tancon is a spectacular puddle hidden inside a cave, one of the secrets of the coast of Puerto Santiago. To be able to take a bath in its waters you have to wait until the sea state is very good sense in other conditions it can become very dangerous.

  1. The Caleton

The eruption of the Arenas Negras Volcano in 1706 destroyed much of the municipality of Garachico but created one of its main tourist spots, the natural pools of the Caletón. The sea enters between the tongues of lava that one day stole their domains forming ideal puddles to enjoy the sea quietly.

  1. Charco de la Laja

On the coast of the municipality of San Juan de la Rambla is hidden this puddle, with crystalline waters that reveal the volcanic rocks that form it.

  1. Jover natural pool

In this quiet neighborhood of the Northeast coast of Tenerife is this natural pool with spectacular views, where you can take a bath contemplating in the distance the Anaga massif, Bajamar, La Punta del Hidalgo and Roque de Los Hermanos.

  1. La Mareta

In Buen Paso, Icod is Punta de Juan Centellas. Here the rocks of capricious shapes hide the Charco de la Mareta, a spectacular puddle that, with the sea in good condition, becomes the ideal place to take a bath. You have to go with caution since access is complicated.

It should be noted that in this corner a scene from the movie Fury of the Titans was filmed.


  1. Natural pool of Puerto Santiago

Puerto Santiago hides this quiet puddle. In other words here you can enjoy a bath with views of the neighboring island of La Gomera in the background.


  1. Charcos del Rayo

Near the hollow of Rayo, in Buenavista del Norte, there are magnificent puddles. As a result, it is ideal to enjoy a quiet day, away from the crowded beaches.


  1. Natural Pool of La Jaquita.

In Alcalá (Guía de Isora), you will find this natural pool with spectacular views towards La Gomera.


  1. Charco la Arena

On the coast of the Municipality of La Guancha, hidden, is the spectacular Charco la Arena. To clarify, it’s very close to Charco del Viento and Charco de la Laja.


My choice? Charco del Viento!

Charco del Viento is impressive. Be aware that sometimes the ocean can be rough and dangerous in that area.

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