The 10 best beaches in Tenerife

  1. Los Patos Beach

Spectacular and hidden black sand beach located on the coast of La Orotava, very close to the tourist town of Puerto de la Cruz. Although the access is not very comfortable, it is an ideal beach to spend the day and enjoy the tranquility it offers.


  1. Médano Beach and Tejita Beach


As a link between La Tejita and El Médano, we find Montaña Roja which marks the landscape of both beaches. Ideal area for the practice of water sports related to the wind or for the practice of nudism. To complete the day you can make a trekking route, such as climbing to Montaña Roja or taking a walk to Montaña Pelada.


  1. Beach of Antequera


It is a pleasure to see how “break the waves” in this beach located on the south coast of Anaga which can only be reached on foot or by boat enjoying calm waters that break on the black sand at the foot of an impressive cliff. It is very frequented by hikers and pleasure boats.


  1. Beach of Benijo


As long as the sea is calm Benijo is the ideal beach to spend a whole day of enjoyment, culminating the day with one of the stunning sunsets that are contemplated from this place.


  1. Diego Hernández Beach


100 meters before the arrival to this cove there is a sign that describes it perfectly, “the treasure of Tenerife”. And it is that when one arrives at Diego Hernández he seems to be seeing a postcard of the Mediterranean coast.


  1. Beach of the Garañona


The impressive cliff falls on the black sand in which the northern sea breaks, which is rarely calm. It’s complicated access so makes it a very little visited beach.


  1. Charco del Viento

The curious corner is hidden in the coast of La Guancha, in the north of Tenerife. El Charco del Viento is a small cove surrounded by rocks that make the waters calm.


  1. Bollullo Beach


It is worth doing the 45-minute walk that connects Puerto de la Cruz with Playa del Bollullo. The family atmosphere, nature, and its waters make the Bollullo one of the best-known coves in the north of Tenerife.


  1. Socorro Beach


Ideal beach for surfing, which at the same time also serves as a paragliding landing strip and as an exit for hikers who take the first steps of route 0-4. A multipurpose beach, well-connected ideal for a refreshing stop during the day.


  1. Grande Beach


Quiet white sand beach located near the small coastal neighborhood of Porís. Very quiet and local environment ideal to enjoy a day at the beach.


Las Teresitas – my favorite beach in Tenerife.
Close to Santa Cruz de Tenerife in Anaga area is a wonderful beach. Las Teresitas is my favorite beach in Tenerife.
Alin Radu – Google Local Guide 

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