ISLA BAJA (85 km)

From: 390

ROUTE BY ZONES: H.Adeje – Golf Costa Adeje – La Caleta – Playa San Juan – Alcalá – Puerto Santiago – Santiago del Teno – Buenvista del Norte – Garachico – Regreso por Corona Forestal 1 – Tamaimo 1 – Tejina


Enjoy photographing the beautiful landscapes of the island bird’s-eye view.

It is one of the most beautiful photographic flights on the island. And this because it combines the southern landscape of the south and the green of the north. We will discover romantic fishing villages in La Caleta, Alcalá and Puerto San Juan, its hotels and golf courses. We can see the Puerto de los Gigantes sports dam and the colossal rocks, which rise 300 to 600 meters high from the ocean. They will truly be a revelation to your vision. Here you can appreciate the variety of colors and textures of these amazing rocks. On Buenavista del Norte the landscape will be spectacular, covered in green and ocher colors and surrounded by extensive lava languages. We will go to Garachico and Icod de los Vinos, where you can appreciate the Millennial Dragon (Tree Dragon) that has more than 1000 years of life. Then we will fly over the Forest Crown of Teide National Park, which will give us all its majesty.


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