DELFIN ROYAL North Zone 4,5 hours

Excursions in the afternoon – 14:00 – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

Transport Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday from 14:00 – to: Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz.


Delfin Royal means we’ll go out first to look for pilot whales or tropical dolphins and whales that we can appreciate in their natural space through the underwater windows of the ship or through the underwater television screens. Then you will get an appetizer.

Next we will visit the tourist coast of northern Tenerife, where you can enjoy a relaxing dip in the calm waters of the bay and under the waterfall of our boat and where we serve buffet lunch.

Travel back to the harbor, enjoying beautiful views of the northern island of Tenerife.

Delfin Royal On-board services:

  1. Appearances on arrival at the ship.
  2. Drinks, beer, soda, sangria and water are included throughout the trip.
  3. Buffet style: cabbage salad, white rice with peas and sweet corn, chicken breasts in tomato sauce, bread and banana.
  4. Special menu for vegetarians.
  5. A fun bath in the crystalline waters of our coasts and under our ship’s cascade.
  6. Specialist Guides onboard.
  7. Panoramic windows with underwater visibility.
  8. Live underwater television.


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