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FINCA LAS MARGARITAS is based on extensive volcanic deserts, which for 3 million years have covered the Las Galletas platform. In this large agricultural area of ​​825ha are the largest banana plantations in the greenhouses of Tenerife. As a result there is a volume of over 26 thousand tons for annual export.

FINCA LAS MARGARITAS started with the cultivation of bananas in Las Galletas in 1977. Several family members from the entrepreneurship Adolfo Guerra González and Margarita Hernández Pérez formed the estate that turned 86 years in 2012.

This farm produces 2 banana crops from the Canary Islands. Big Dwarf and Thick Palm or Small Pit, Cavendish Dwarf variety. They reach an average of 45-50 kg per bunch, even over 70 kg. The surface is about 7 Ha, with 98% of bananas and 2% of fruit trees, such as: mango, papaya and avocado.


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