Anaga Rural Park

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Hiking through the Biosphere Reserve of Anaga

Make your way to the very heart of northern Tenerife with a guided trail through the Anaga Rural Park, where you will find many surprises. If you thought you’d seen everything on the island, then get ready for this. This tour of the Biosphere Reserve of Anaga includes scenery found nowhere else on the Canary Islands, a demonstration of a local sport that will leave you speechless, and a walk through the north of Tenerife which the explorer in you will relish.

  • A 6-hour guided tour of the Anaga Rural Park
  • Live demonstration of the traditional Shepherd’s Leap (subject to availability)
  • Breathtaking natural scenery unique to this part of the island

The tour included:

  • Guided hiking trail
  • Traditional Canarian food and drinks
  • Round trip transportation


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